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On 13 April 2024, Villa Sentosa in Kampung Morten will celebrate its 100th anniversary, marking a century of preserving and showcasing traditional Malay culture and heritage.
Kampung Morten is a historic Malay village located in Melaka City, Malaysia. It is named after J. F. Morten, a British Land Commissioner who planned the village in the early 1920s. The village was designed to house Malay administrative officers and their families, reflecting the British colonial government's policy of segregating different ethnic groups in designated areas.
Villa Sentosa, which located in Kampung Morten is more than just a traditional Malay house; it's a living museum that offers visitors an immersive experience of traditional Malay culture. The house is adorned with intricate wood carvings and furnished with traditional Malay furniture, providing a glimpse into the lifestyle of a bygone era.
One of the highlights of a visit to Villa Sentosa is the warm hospitality extended by the local hosts, who are passionate about preserving and sharing their cultural heritage. The house's serene surroundings, with its lush garden and traditional Malay architecture, create a peaceful atmosphere that transports visitors back in time.
Villa Sentosa is not just a tourist attraction; it's a place where visitors can connect with the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia and gain a deeper appreciation for the traditions and way of life of the Malay community.
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